The SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast: To Beast Or Not To Beast

The SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast is the current IT tank but is it necessary.  After months of jealousy watching your friends touting around their sleek mod you finnaly get your SMOK Alien 220W kit  with the Baby Beast tank. You load up the big T8 coil that looks like it has 4 coils but in fact has 8 hence the name T8, and you proceed to vape.  After half the tank is vaped you start to break that coil in and start to experience flavor like you have never had before. Your favorite juice is now tasting better than you have ever tasted and you fall in love. A few weeks goes by and you start to get a little antsy you see people with the big Cloud Beast tank and you start to think if the Baby Beast is this good how much better can it get. Then you start to justify the need for it. For me it was the tank size. The Baby taste great but after a few minutes of vaping I found the small tank  being depleted fast. So i took the plunge and got myself the Cloud Beast. Right from the jump I can tell this thing was not a joke the coil is the biggest coil i have ever used. The tank is a real pice of hardware and literally makes my old tank look like a baby. I cranked my Alien mod up to 120w lay on that lever and it sounds like a little engine about to take off, before I even start to pull the cloud starts to flow form the mouth piece. This tank is a named appropriately it is a beast, the cloud is enormous after a few hits my room fills with a rolling fog. After 20 minutes of hitting my favorite liquid of the month  Glas PBLS  which mimics my favorite fruit cereal  I start to feel like a glutton it was like i just ate a full box of fruity pebbles instead of my usual half box.  I decide to take a break and screw on the old Baby Beast. It was like going from a Camel no filter to a Virginia Slim, It felt like I was not even vaping compared to the monster Cloud Beast. I was ruined. Vaping is funny that way you think you have all you need but you get curious and the next thing you know you get a bigger tank, a bigger mod, more power, more coils, more juice going up in vape and then you cant turn back. Although the Cloud Beast is unparalleled in cloud production and flavor it has its set backs. Lets face it is straight obnoxious. You are not the once inconspicuous vaper you used to be, using this thing in public is like waving you vape flag off the back of your Harley Davidson pan head  with the fat pipes that vibrate the windows of the the Prius as you pass by slowly. Using this tank indoors puts you sitting in the middle of a virtual Flavor Cloud. You will vape through tanks of juice in no time and drain your double battery Alien mod fast. You may also find yourself with a nicotine buzz like back when you lit up your first cigarette except you wont vomit since you are not inhaling 4000 other chemicals ,so you should consider using a lower level nicotine. All in the Cloud Beast is a must have piece of hardware but should be saved for special occasions like at nite when your day is done and you just want to blow off a little steam!

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